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We are India's largest Snuff Manufacturers producing premium quality Snuff.

Our Iconic Brands

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Special 7 Photo

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Royal Frontier Mail

Carrying Forward the Legacy

Sat Photo Naswar brand was started by Shri Lachhman Das Beharilal ji in 1925. It started from Giddarbaha, a small town in the heart of Punjab. Initially they started selling from a small shop to nearby cities but as the demand for the brand grew, the home grown brand started selling nation wide. The brand was so popular in the rural and urban areas that copies with similar names started appearing in the market. To distinguish the original brand from the cheap copies the diamond sign with the number '142' was trademarked. 142 was the factory or karkhana number of the first manufacturing unit set up. 

Over the years since its inception in 1925 we have grown from One manufacturing units to Five manufacturing units spread across the country. Although the first manufacturing unit was sold off the symbol 142 still holds its significance with the vast users from different regions and cultures. It signifies we still hold strong to our brand quality and our loyal snuff users giving them the original high quality snuff (naswar) in every pinch they hold.

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